Cigar Box Label – Matchless Beauty, Art, Americana, Investment

How often do you pay attention to your surroundings? Mentioning cigar box labels brings a big yawn to most people. Most think they have seen a cigar box label – usually visualizing a picture of a smiling lady and a man relaxing in an easy chair smoking a cigar. Most don’t care. In today’s world of media overload, homogeneous advertising, and every other thing vying for our senses most people don’t pay attention to detail. The cigar box label is just another run of  the mill, see it and forget it advertising.

Now, pay attention – ‘little snip it of American history, stone  lithography, unmatched beauty, unique, antique, collectible, investment’.  Are you a little more interested?   These are more accurate descriptions of cigar box labels. You still don’t believe me. Take a look:

Natures Wonders - Inner Cigar Box Label

Today, I decided to start a blog on this beautiful artwork and to make others aware of this unique american treasure.

In future blogs, I will be discussing everything from how they were made to where they stand today as collectible.

I hope you will enjoy the journey.


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