Cigar Box Labels and the Civil War

The War Between the States was a turning point in American History. Everyone that has studied history knows that the ‘perfect union’ that Abraham Lincoln envisioned could not have happened if it wasn’t for the civil war.  The changes that occurred because of the civil war were far reaching. Besides abolishing slavery, and bringing the union together there were also ripples of change throughout the American economy. One of the changes that occurred was the increase in cigar smoking  and consequently how cigars were marketed.

If you take a look at the labels below you can can imagine why cigars became popular during the war. Tobacco chewing and pipe smoking was already a favorite of the infantry. When fighting stopped, men spent long hours around the camp fire smoking.  As the war progressed, most U.S. generals were seen smoking cigars. Generals use to ride into camp encourage their men and offer a particular soldier a good cigar . Cigar smoking soon caught on. In order to capitalize on this increase in popularity cigar makers began to advertise using a few additional colors in order to attract the buyer. The technique of chromolithography (multiple colors) was born.

grant smokingmilitary brand inner


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