Cigar Label Art Speaks to Us!

The curtain opens. Standing before you are bright smiling people. A facetious man, rosy cheeked sensuous women, rich colored costumes, and intricate detail. The beholder is having a glorious epiphany.  Looking at  a cigar box label is much like the unfolding of a good play. It stirs the emotions and leaves a personal connection between the viewer and the image. There is something more then meets the eye. One wants to touch, feel and embrace the entire image. This is exactly what the original artist  had in mind. Grab the viewer and generate excitement! The imagination and creativity of the artist can only be called genius. No wonder why people become passionate about cigar labels. If you ever have the chance to view a vintage cigar box label in person,  I think you may be surprised!

sweet smiles - inner


One Response to “Cigar Label Art Speaks to Us!”

  1. Cigars Online Says:

    This particular picture reminds me of the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” about the traveling circus type family that has horses that jump off a really high apparatus and land in a pool of water. They dream of traveling to the Atlantic Boardwalk.. these figures remind me of that. Just beautiful and nostalgic.

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