Reflections of America’s Past

Like many people I often wonder what it would be like living  in the late 19th century. Living in homes with oil lamps, going to work with a horse and carriage, reading news of our wild west, and being thrilled with  amazing new inventions.   We take for granted much of our American heritage. Luckily, starting around 140 years ago, we have the next best thing to photographs – the detailed images of cigar labels. All one has to do is look at the cigar label images of that period to see and feel the nostalgia of our great American history. Cigar labels were created for almost every significant American event. Here are just a few cigar labels depicting the colorful events of the 1870’s & 1880’s

fire fighters1871 Chicago fire of October 8-11 caused by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

1872 Yellowstone National Park becomes first national park.

3117 - natures wonders - inner

Gold nugge2t1875 Gold discovered in the Sioux holy grounds of Black Hills s South Dakota.

1875 First running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, May 17.

Kentucky Derby

early cigar label - Custer1876 Custer makes his way into history being massacred at Little Big Horn.

1876 Frontiersman “Wild Bill” Hickok is shot and killed, August 2, playing poker.

wild bill hickock

edsonia1877 Thomas Alave Edison  invents the phonograph.

1877 Crazy Horse dies in a Nebraska prison from stab wounds.


1881, Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull fugitive surrenders to federal troops; July 20.


1884  Statue of Liberty presented by France, construction required ten years.

statue of liberty

grover cleveland1885 Grover Cleveland takes oath of office on March 4 as 22nd President, 1st term.

1887 Seventy African Americans are known to have been lynched


trolley1888 Richmond, Virginia, introduces first Electric streetcars.


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