The Seductive Women of Cigar Labels

Women on cigar labels were portrayed as voluptuous, alluring, mysterious, and seductive   By far, the most popular cigar label theme is that of the woman. Right from the start, and into the Golden Age of cigar labels sex appeal was used to attract male customers. Beautiful women, scantily clad, and eye catching, were created to entice the mostly male customers to try a cigar. It all seemed so erotic and phallic.

Women of cigar labels ranged widely from young and innocent to sultry and buxom. Semi-nude women were common, but women were also depicted as demure, and sophisticated. All were used to tease a man and grab his attention.

Many women were depicted as goddesses, angels, warriors, appearing in Greek, Roman and or Egyptian motifs. Some images repeat themselves including; women playing instruments, women surrounded by cherubs, women holding laurels, staffs, swords, and shields. These secondary symbols also appealed to the male customer’s fantasy world and played on themes of patriotism, industrial progress, comfort, and fertility.

It must have been fun for the artists to create women of their dreams. Imagine a man smoking, staring at his favorite label, and then smiling widely as he fantasized about the girl on the box.

Cigar labels also featured popular women of their day. Many historical women , actresses, opera singers, and upper class socialites were depicted. This not only made the label attractive but also suggested the cigars were of the highest quality and sophistication.

Other cigar labels offered romanticized images. There were woman in nature &, mythology, and women being romanticized by nobility. These added to the male fantasy world, but also appealed to women who were a fast growing part of the cigar market at the turn of the 19thcentury.


2 Responses to “The Seductive Women of Cigar Labels”

  1. kimberlyjf Says:

    Hi! My name is Kim. I travel all over the country with my husband for his work. I have started a blog about cigar bars from a female perspective. Please take a look and offer any feed back or comments. I am new to the cigar world and eager to learn and expand my blog.
    Anxious to hear from you!

    • Enthusiastic on Cigar Box Labels Says:

      Hi Kim. I read your blog and must say its a great start. The layout is pleasing to the eyes, great subject (great subject), and the pictures are great.

      I have been into vintage cigar box labels for the past seven years. You would think there isn’t enough material out there for an ongoing blog about cigars box labels but because cigar box labels and cigars are all about history there is actually countless blog articles you can do. Here is a few things I’ve learned along the way.

      1. Spend the time up front for research (worse thing is to have your facts wrong)
      2. Always have great pictures or video to go along with your articles
      3. Add you only personal perspective
      4. Always answer any legitimate comment
      5. Use the proper tags to attract more people
      6. Link to other blogs with related material
      7. Review your wordpress statistics

      Hope this helps. If you would like to collaborate more on let me know.

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