Famous Cigar Labels From the Turn of the 19th century.

Today, the serious cigar label collector looks for certain images from the golden age of cigar labels. Many labels have become iconic among cigar label collectors. Most love these labels for their images, artwork and history. If you are going to collect, then you want to have at least one of these in your collection. However, as enthusiastic as many collectors are it is still hard to acquire these images because they are rare.  Most are available in quantities of less then couple hundred, and some are only available in 50 or less. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 up to thousands of dollars for one of these labels. The images displayed are among the more popular subject matter. I also tried to pick a variety of lithographers so you can see the difference in styles.

Below are just a few of the more sought after labels from the late 1890’s to 1900.

Dante – The author of the epic poem ‘Divine Comedy’ a spiritual trip through hell to get to paradise. Said to have been made of 22 colors.

Sulzerburger-Oppenheimer, N. Y.

Lime Kiln Club – A racist portrayal of Blacks in America.  Was an actual club in Detroit, Michigan.

Mensing & Stecher, N.Y.

Fellow Citizens – Two of the most famous Civil War generals. Ulysses S. Grant & Robert E. Lee

Calvert, Litho Co., Detroit

Columbo – Created for the Columbian expo of 1892. Schmidt & Co.

Greater Columbia – Miss liberty spreading her arms across the americas.

American Lithographic Co.

Cupid’s Web – An alluring young woman ready to catch a man in her love web.

O.L. Schwencke

Golfers – An upper class  game of popularity at the turn of the century.

F. Heppenheimer’s Sons

Frontier – A depiction of the harsh life on the new Western Frontiers.

H.B. Grauley

Gold Fields – Depicts the great Klondike Gold Rush in the Northwest Territories

Geo. S. Harris & Sons, N.Y.

Lone Trail – Depiction of the original first American Indian.

Schmidt & Co.

Los Inmortales – Three of the most famous U.S. presidents. Washington, Lincoln, & Grant

Louis C. Wagner& Co, N.Y.

“Auto” – An upper class couple out on a ride, proud of owning one of Americas first cars

Krueger & Braun, N.Y.


One Response to “Famous Cigar Labels From the Turn of the 19th century.”

  1. John Camp Says:

    Love what you’re doing. Very interesting with good facts and information. Plus seeing some nice and some rare labels. Keep up the good work and thank you. john

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