Scientists, Inventors, Explorers of the Cigar Box Labels

The pioneering men and women of the 19th century gave birth to new ideas, innovation, and exploration. Inventions of the electrical light bulb, telephone, railways, and steamships lead to the industrial revolution, while the theory of mans evolution brought it all into perspective to how far we had come.  It was an exciting time when scientists, inventors and explorers were bigger then life characters, and thus made ideal subjects for the cigar box label image.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is probably Americas best known inventor. and his workshop patented 1,093 inventions. His work includes:  improving the incandescent light bulb,   inventing the phonograph,  and the motion-picture projector.

Samuel S. Morse
– with the increased size of the United States, better communication networks became ultra important. In 1844, Samuel F. B. Morse created the telegraph and by 1860, this network ranged throughout the eastern coast to the Mississippi.

Charles Darwin was undoubtedly one of the most influential people of the 19th century, As the foremost proponent of the theory of evolution, the British naturalist Charles Darwin holds a unique place in history. His writings were controversial in their day, and can still inspire controversy in the modern world.and his influence on science and society itself is profound.

Wm. G. FargoPioneer American Expressman  of American Express Co. and Wells, Fargo & Co. two of the first express companies in the world. A giant in the American transportation industry, William G. Fargo also invested in railroads, and served as vice president of the New York Central Railroad and a director of the Northern Pacific Railroad during that road’s expansion into the northern Plains.

Robert E. Perry – Famous American arctic explorer, first to discover the North Pole.