A Few Rare Treasures Worth Thousands

There are many rare and valuable cigar box label lithographs. However,  in recent years there has been only a  few that have risen to the forefront of  most expensive. Even though these cigar box labels are all rare – there are probably less then five in the world of each one –  it’s their value that sets them apart from other cigar box labels.   What makes them so expensive? There is no obvious answer but a few reasons  come to mind. One, is their historical appeal and overall theme, another is they’re iconic status among knowledgeable collectors. They all have rich vibrant colors and they were all lithographs created during the golden era of cigar labels 1870-1920 .  If you would like to own one of these in good condition expect to pay anywhere from $3000- $150,000.

1874 ‘Boston Red Stockings’ by Nichol’s & MacDonald

1878 ‘The Hit’ by Heppenheimer & Mauer

1889 ‘Golf Links’ by Louis & Newman

1899 ‘Aero’ by George Schlegel

1899 ‘Uwanta’ by American Lithographic Company

1920 ‘The Clown’ by George  Schlegel