There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about cigar box labels. Today, there is a small community of collectors that are very passionate about this art and its overall place in the collectibles market. Because I am so involved with cigar labels I decided to create this blog for myself and  for anyone else that has a passion about cigar box labels. I hope to cover topics every week.  Just a few of the many items I will cover each week are: the history of cigar labels, the art of stone lithography,  collecting, and the current market. I also want to show some outstanding and unique examples of vintage cigar box labels.  Of course, along the way I will have my own opinions about things.  I really hope you enjoy the site!

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  1. Maribeth Says:


    I’m writing from a publication out of San Francisco called The Collectors Weekly (www.collectorsweekly.com). We’re a resource for anyone interested in antiques, vintage, and collecting.

    I was browsing your site and thought you might be interested in a recent interview we did with Cigar Memorabilia collector Tony Hyman:


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and please feel free to share the article with your readers.


    Maribeth Keane
    Associate Editor
    The Collectors Weekly

  2. Steve Says:


    love your site.

    My wife and I came into a couple of old cigar boxes.

    One is a Princeps box that has a beautiful inner label – embossed, gold leaf – of Ceres giving tobacco to the Cubans – litho by Klingenberg.

    The other is a Special Wascana wooden box with a gorgeous outer and inner label of an American Indian.

    The boxes are over 110 years old.

    Any info on the history would be great.

  3. Marianne Dow Says:

    Hi – as a long time cbl collector, I enjoy your site. FYI, you spelled enthusiastic incorrectly for your gravatar id. Also, if you go to the time and trouble of writing this blog, and an ”about” page, why don’t you say who you are? Just curious. –Marianne Dow (msdowantiques.com)

    • Enthusiastic on Cigar Box Labels Says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the spelling error. If you go to face book you will find a picture of me Dennis Michaels..

  4. John Gernatt Says:

    I’d like to comment on your article about the pioneers of cigar label collecting.

    Like you, I have a great appreciation for the art of cigar labels. In a search for cigar labels I recently discovered your cigar label blog. Your site offers a great deal of insight into the history and beauty of cigar labels. Years ago, I became so enamored by their beauty that I began collecting them—long before the e-bay and internet markets retracted and people who hold antique paper panicked and started selling cheap. My wife and I run a successful custom picture framing shop in Coastal Georgia, where beautiful cigar labels are part of the antique art we frame and sell. Much of our inventory was purchased years ago from some of the individuals listed on this site.

    Before eBay, there were private auctions where some of the most beautiful art was bought and sold. A downturn in the economy has proven unfortunate for many label retailers and sellers. Many people in the cigar label art business have begun a bidding war in a downward direction, emphasizing a cheap price over the beauty of their labels in an attempt to recoup their investment. As a custom picture framer, I see this as very unfortunate; and I refuse to fall for the mentality of promoting cheap prices in order to sell. Custom framed cigar labels offers an added value to the label. Framing not only affords a reasonable means to protect and display the art, but it also offers the retailer a way to place added value and increase his profit ont the completed product. Thus, this avoids the trap of trying to “out-fox” your competition by bidding down the price of the art in an attempt to sell it.

    As a retailer, I’m very fortunate to have built some wonderful business relationships during the golden age of antique art collecting. And a couple for whom I have enormous respect are Joe and Sue Davidson. (By the way, you have misspelled their names—which are right below two of the books they have published, with the correct spelling on the by line of the books’ dust jacket.) Joe and Sue deserve more than an honorable mention for their success at collecting antique art, including some of the most beautiful label art ever sold on the market. They are very accomplished authors, publishers, collectors, wholesalers, retailers, and auctioneers. The Davidsons ran a cigar label auction twice a year from 1981 to 2005 and generated over 3 million dollars in cigar label sales in that period—selling many one-of-a-kind labels. Joe Davidson was written up in the “Wall Street Journal” and appeared on Public TV for his successes in the marketing and collecting of rare and antique art. The book listed above his name, the “Art of the Cigar Label” went into 6 consecutive printings & sold over 180,000 copies before Joe and Sue wrote “Smoker’s Art”. So, as you can see, Joe Davidson was not only a pioneer in the glory days of early cigar label collecting, but his intimate knowledge of lithographers, publishers, and the methods involving the distribution systems for marketing these antique labels was also sought after by people thrusting for his knowledge and history of cigar label art.

    You have a very informative and interesting site. And I reinforce your belief that it’s important for new comers to the world of antique cigar label art to understand that many of the labels we have today were destined for destruction—if not for the intervention of the individuals on your blog (and many un-named others) who collected because of their attraction to the beauty of this lost art. I an deeply grateful for their efforts.

    John Gernatt,
    Cindy’s Custom Framing & Antique Art

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